Whatsapp for small business

How does WhatsApp help small businesses?

Why should you use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp gives you direct access to your customers. It is a great platform to build relationships with your customers. There are over 2 billion users worldwide and is the most popular messaging app in 133 countries. 

The only things you need to create your WhatsApp business account are, a dedicated SIM card  (The app does not allow you to use a personal number for your business account) and the app itself on your device! 

Benefits of using WhatsApp Business

With WhatsApp, you won’t need to build a website from scratch to showcase your products to your customers. You can simply add the details about your business, products and also provide the address and website link. Even if you do not have a website for your business, the app lets you create a catalogue of your products, which allows your customers to check and select the products they are interested in buying. It can be the quickest way you make an online presence for your offline store. 

What makes the app most promising is that the chances of a person reading a WhatsApp message are much higher than them checking any other forms of communication. Emails and SMS can be ignored and remain unread. The fact is that 80% of messages sent through the app are seen within 5 minutes.

WhatsApp Broadcast is the best way to send a common message to a large number of contacts simultaneously. The maximum number of contacts you may send a broadcast message to at a time is 256. You can also send customised messages in one go to all your customers. This makes announcing offers and discounts easier. Automated msgs help with responding to customers when you are away.

Organise and manage your customers easily on WhatApp Business

To manage your customers or organise them in categories, the WhatsApp business app provides a labelling feature. You can use up to 20 labels with different colours and names to categorise your contacts. 

The business app also makes it easier for you to take orders from customers. The WhatsApp catalogue and WhatsApp Shopping allows customers to have a complete shopping experience on the app itself. The introduction of online payment options within the app made the experience complete.

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Supriya Sukumaran

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