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Why should you do Digital Marketing?

'Why' is not the question you should be asking in 2022. But since you are here, we'll explain. Digital marketing is the future of marketing. Actually, it already is. Think about reaching out to people who are most interested in your products or services. Think about your business being visible to them at the stage of buying. Imagine the possibility of them actually becoming your customers right away. Think about the power of controlling your ads, showing them to a specific audience only, possibility of customizing them for selected groups. Digital Marketing is all of this and much more.

What are the channels or platforms?

The channels or platforms are the advertisers in the digital space. The most common platforms are Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

How to know if your marketing strategy is successful?

Measuring the impact of a marketing strategy is pretty much difficult in business but in digital marketing, we can measure success using different metrics. There are certain parameters and indicators which are called KPIs (Key performance indicators) that help us to understand how successful a marketing campaign is. Some of the KPIs used are:
A. Number of website users
B. Leads generated
C. Bounce Rate
D. Brand Recall Rate

What is ROI?

ROI is the Return on Investment. It doesn't necessarily mean revenue. It can be meeting different objectives like generating valuable leads, increasing user base, followers, subscribers, brand affinity, or customer retention and loyalty.
The key is to get the maximum ROI out of the time and money we put into it. The ROI we end up with is the direct result of how focused our marketing strategy is.

What is ROAS?

ROAS is Revenue on Ad Spend. It is the total revenue calculated in terms of the advertising cost ie, Facebook ads, google ads, etc...
This is a good measure to understand the performance of our ads on each platform. Analyzing this will help us to create optimized ad budgets for each channel.

Is email marketing still effective?

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways for a business to reach its customers directly. The emails are reaching directly to them without any interference and unlike social media platforms, you are not hoping people will see it and like it. Even if they don’t open the mail, they will still see the subject line and your company’s name each time you send an email.

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