The importance of digital assets

Why are Digital Assets important?

Digital assets are any type of digital material that is owned by an organization or individual. This includes text (including documents and presentations), images(logos, icons), graphics as well as audio, video, animations, social media accounts, and official email accounts. Anything that a company has created in a digital format or purchased from online retailers for the company such as an official website is also a digital asset. 

Digital Assets and the Digital Space 

The spread of business activities into the digital space has given rise to many new aspects. These aspects must be taken into consideration by any enterprise because it has changed the way business work is carried out today. We can’t just rely on catchy jingles and advertisements. We also cannot solely rely on traditional media platforms like television, radio or print media either. You have to go beyond and this ‘beyond’ is the digital space. 

How businesses connect with their target audience has changed. Most connections are now made through the various platforms on the internet, and this is why you need good digital assets. 

So why are digital assets so important?

First and foremost, your digital assets are what your customers see. It is how they recognise you and differentiate you from your competitors. They simply are a visual representation of who you are as they stand for your brand, products/services,  voice and image. 

These assets are the tools that are bringing in your customers to engage with you online. They allow your customers to reach you, at their convenience, making interaction open and easy. This is the key to gaining their loyalty and trust. 

How do you make sure your digital assets are doing their job?

You have to make sure that they are easily visible and discoverable across search engines and online platforms. There is no point if they are hiding away dormant in the abyss of the internet. So make sure you take steps to make them discoverable to internet users. 

There are effective digital management tools like metadata and smart taxonomy that help make your digital assets efficient in bringing your potential audiences to you. 

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Supriya Sukumaran

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