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All About Performace Max Ads

What Are Performance Max ads ?

Performance Max is an automated goal-based campaign type, that is, you get to choose a particular goal for your business and create campaigns to achieve them. The Performance Max campaigns let you access all of your Google Ads creatives from a single place. It also automatically optimizes your campaigns across platforms 

The Performance Max goes with your keyword-based search campaigns. This helps with targeting customers who will easily convert. The ads appear on all of Google’s channels such as Gmail, Maps. YouTube, Discover, Search and so on.

When to use Performance Max?

  • When you want to achieve specific marketing goals. Such as when you want more leads or increase your sales. 
  • If you plan to use Google’s advertising channels for a single campaign.
  • When you want to boost and get extra reach and conversion value from your keyword-based Search campaigns.
  • When you want a campaign to improve a campaign’s performance across channels. 


Google automates the ad creation based on the assets provided. There are multiple placements using dynamic ad formats. 

All you need to do is mention your business goals, expected conversions and of course your budget and the automation will get to work. It will target potential audiences based on your goals and show them the best suited ad for them- ‘the optimal bid’.

Selecting URLs

Google will select final URLs unless you don’t opt for it. If you choose to let Google to direct traffic to where it deems correct then you can also exclude some links that you don’t want to send the traffic to.

Selecting Assets groups

The creatives, such as the headlines, videos, images, descriptions and logos that you have created for your Performance Max campaigns are your assets.  They make up the group of all the ad formats that you will be using for advertising. 

Learn how to make the best asset groups for your Performance Max campaigns here.

Why should you use Performance Max campaigns?

  • Find audiences who will convert to customers easily
  • Discover newer audiences who will be interested in you 
  • Makes your touchpoints stronger that ensures audience conversions 
  • Keep track of creatives and their performance with the insights. 

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