monQo is a popular bottle milkshake brand from Kerala. They have multiple retail outlets in different parts of the state. Along with their branded milkshakes, monQo outlets had other eateries like Pizzas, Fried Chicken, and Steaks. The latest outlet was launched at Irinjalakuda and we were approached for the brand promotion of the launch.





January 12, 2020


Digital Marketing

01. Сhallenge

Even though monQo is a popular brand among the Millenials and in tier 1 cities, it had limited brand recognition in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Irinjalakuda is 70 km away from the nearest tier 1 city and can be considered a tier 2 city. Along with that, the city had more of a family crowd.

02. Solutions

From our analysis, we found that monQo had limited competition from major brands. However, they had local competitors who served similar food products.

The brand arrival to Irinjalakuda was projected to the audience with a touch of local flavor in all brand communications before the launch. The pre-launch activities were started three weeks before the launch date.

Multiple campaigns to introduce the brand to the local audience were used which saw great engagements on all posts on the social media channels.
To reach the inner crowd of the city, we used micro-influencers in the city and talked to the audience directly. We explored the possibility of leveraging WhatsApp influencers through groups and shared appropriate content to create curiosity about the brand.

03. Results

The result was mesmerizing. It even got us by surprise by how much the promotions influenced the opening week sales at the outlet. The average sales per day were at least 2x the sales compared to the other branch stores.

The footfall was huge and monQo became a food destination for all of Irinjalakuda by the end of the first month of the launch.