Avis Saudi Arabia is one of the country’s leading rent-a-car companies and enjoys a loyal following of individual as well as corporate clients. Our extensive branch network spreads across Saudi Arabia’s main cities and major airports and offers a fleet of more than 10,500 vehicles.

TCD plays the role of UI/UX designer in this project tasked at creating an elegant and seamless user experience.



Avis Saudi


Saudi Playstore


Nov 22, 2021


UI/UX Design

01. Сhallenge

In the nutshell, the intention of the project is to provide an integrated customer service experience of vehicle rental-related services with an effective app design, so that Avis Saudi Arabia can support clients and potential clients with more information, a more user-friendly environment, and achieve more wins from prospective clients.

Avis Saudi wants to feature a range of services includes corporate rental and leasing solutions along with chauffeur-driven vehicles and much more. The app had to be user-centric for 2 audiences.

02. Solutions

The solution was to go through a complete UI/UX cycle that includes user research and product research. The initial task was to go through the existing apps that Avis has globally. 

First an initial user survey and research was conducted to identify key issues. Once this was completed, a medium fidelity wireframe was created for the client so that it is closer to the final design. This was in fact made into a prototype model with Adobe XD.

Now that, the wireframe was tested and approved, we went along to build a design system for the client using the existing branding elements of Avis. Based on this design system a “Mobile App” design theme for the end-users and a “Dashboard” design theme for the admins was created.

The design for Mobile App was further expanded into a mobile app covering every screen, notification, icon set, and any other design element required for the app.

03. Results

We created an app that is easy to use, fast and get things done quickly. By continuous iterations of user testing, we were able to cut short the number of clicks the user had to make to do a specific action.

The overall look and feel was consistent with the original brand. A set of features that on paper looked to be different context-wise was seamlessly integrated into the design. The holistic design system built was able to accommodate both the user as well as the admin. All the core functions and auxiliary functions work in tandem at both levels.

We launched this app in Saudi Playstore and Appstore and is now used by all the customers of Avis Saudi Arabia.