Nihara Resorts and Spa is a beautiful resort on the banks of Vembanad lake. It is a premium resort in Kochi offering a calm and serene getaway destination within the city.

TCD was appointed to promote the brand and create a sustainable revenue model through the digital space.


Nihara Resort & Spa



October, 2021

01. Сhallenge

Even though the property began its operations in 2018, Nihara could never operate in full swing due to flood and pandemic situations in the state.
Hence the brand reach was affected by a stop-start situation.
Since there was not much marketing done before, there was this risk of testing and executing in a critical situation.

02. Solutions

We created campaigns focusing on a funnel-based approach. We made multiple campaigns to create brand awareness among the desired audience. The campaigns generated great amount of curiosity among the audience and we provided them with enough reasons in the consideration stage of the funnel. This helped us to narrow down the leads to actual customers. The conversion rates were high during this period which was helped by the industry revival due to lifting of covid restrictions as well.

The leads generated in the consideration stage were captured and recorded using CRM tools. These leads were segmented by applying an internal lead scoring mechanism. This helped us to convert a high number of leads as customers took immediate action.

03. Results

In this short period, we were able to land more customers at the resort than ever before. The new year booking was an all-time high compared to previous years. In terms of conversion, the number stood at 29% for the month of December 2021 ie, for every 100 leads who interacted with us, 29 became paying customers. That’s indeed a big number considering this is only the beginning.