Branding for Forsonic

Forsonic is an electronic products company based in India, that is specialized in the production and distribution of electronic products.

They offer a wide variety of electronic items including Headphones/Earphones, Speakers, Adapters, and much more with the best quality. They focus on the development of diverse electronics technologies and products for the consumer electronics and IT Industry.





Nov 22, 2020



01. Сhallenge

Forsonic is a part of group of companies in Kerala who are one of the largest distributors of computers and peripherals. The idea with Forsonic was to branch out the company into retails and manufacturing of electronic products. Now the initial challenges with this project was

02. Solutions

A successful branding process yields a strong and unique brand identity, recognizable across all your branded materials. The brand identity encompassing several elements, such as your brand color palette, typography, tone of voice, logo, and general imagery had to be spot on. Hence we began our process.

The first step is perhaps the biggest. Understanding who you are as a brand, or rather, who do you want to be? Define the “why” for your existence and focus on a set of core values you want to have as a brand. For this, to best position Forsonic in a market, we did extensive research understanding the market. Building a brand strategy without knowing your target audience or your competitors is just shooting in the dark. Once we had enough information, we went on with brand development process.

We created the brand identity including the logo, typography, color palettes etc. We showed the client 3 completely different brand themes we could use, including a safe option with the modified version of the original logo sketch the client had. The client however went on to pick a modern design style that also goes well with their other brands.

We went on to create the style guide which is a technical resource that outlines how to use your brand assets in no uncertain terms. All successful brands have a style guide for the usage of their logo and branding assets.

To add to all of this, we tested the visual assets on multiple levels – color testing on local prints, product mockup testing, package testing etc. to make sure that we had everything right and scalable.

03. Results

The result was a well-developed brand identity for Forsonic that jelled well with its sister companies. The visual elements were scalable and are being used in prints and products as well.

The digital elements of the brand are also completely in unison with the brand. We, in fact, went ahead and developed a website for the brand out of the brand guide we made.

This was one of the first projects done under TCD. We wanted to be sure that we didn’t compromise on any aspect of long-term branding. This is how the brand, Forsonic has began is slowly making its way into your home!